Monday, April 29, 2013

All New Exclusive to GotLux Snap - Flower Shaped Pacifier Clips!

We are so excited to have these all new exclusive to GotLux Snap - Flower Shaped Pacifier Clips!  These is by far my favorite!

Flower Shaped Metal Pacifier Clips!!!

Super cute, great for pacifiers, little rompers, sundresses . . . whatever you can imagine!  We hope that you enjoy these as much as we do.

Find them at GotLux Snaps on Etsy:

Friday, April 26, 2013

ALL NEW exclusive GotLux Snaps enamel clip colors!!!


ALL NEW exclusive GotLux Snaps enamel clip colors!!!  It took longer then we hoped but they are here now and look amazing! 

We now have round faced suspender clips in 12 great colors:

Silver Colored (non-enameled)
White (enamel)
Chocolate (enamel)
Violet (enamel)
Dark Lavender (enamel)
Bright Blue (enamel)
Pastel Blue (enamel)
Ribbit - Medium Green Green (enamel)
Grasshopper Green (enamel)
Butternut - Light Yellow (enamel)
Zinnia - Medium Pink (enamel)
Pastel Pink (enamel)

Once again, we picked some of our most popular snap colors to match so that you, our customers, would have coordinated products to work with. 

We hope you enjoy our great NEW colors!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #2

This is a simple one. I have this nice little snow hat that we bought for our first baby. Each one of our kids wore it as a toddler and as all toddlers will do, each one has ripped it off their head despite the chin strap.

KAM Snaps to the rescue!!! I was able to customize the chin strap and make it comfortably smaller, I have big headed kids but none as big as that hat was planned for :), and I replaced the Velcro (do you see a theme here :P) with one snap set.

And Tada!!! And as a bonus, it stays on her head until she is ready to come inside.

Pictures below:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #1

Day #1
My next mission is to find 30 great ways to use KAM Plastic Snaps in my own home.  Please keep in mind this will not happen daily, :) my life is wonderfully full of crazy kids and happy chaos but please keep checking back as I snap my way through my house. :P  Here is the start of my adventure:

My middle daughter had to have these amazing pink, sparkly, Hello Kitty shoes.  The problem with the shoes is that they came with the tiniest little bit of Velcro to hold them in place.  While I love Velcro on shoes especially because it means I don’t have to tie shoes all day.  It wasn’t enough to keep them on her feet for more than a few minutes.

Solution:  2 sets of B47 Neon Pink KAM Snaps

If you are in need of just a few replacement KAM plastic snaps or just a few snaps to finish a project, see our newest listings for 10 or 25 sets of plastic snaps in any of our 107 colors:

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Here is a couple pictures of how they turned out.  They stay on her feet now and she proudly wears them all over the place.

Embellish My Daughter, Embellish My World! Day #4

Day #4

Fabric Cover Button Barrettes for Little Sis!

Today, Big Sis helped make super cute barrettes for her sister. Little Sis wore them with pride :).

Shop GotLuxSnaps on Etsy for great Embellishing Supplies:

Much Belated . . . Embellish My Daughter, Embellish My World!

Day #3

Fabric Cover Button Ring!

The night before, I constructed Cover Buttons (Size 30 Flat Back, from our line of Cover Buttons) with some scraps of pretty fabric, Daughter's choice, a dab of E6000 glue and 1 Adjustable Ring (sold by us).

Within minutes and some drying time, we had super cute ring for her finger and off to school she went.

The Cover Buttons and Adjustable Ring needed to make this cute ring are available in our store: