Monday, February 25, 2013

NEW!!! 13 Exclusive KAM Snap Colors from GotLux Snaps!!!

NEW KAM Snap Colors!!!

We are super excited to announce we have added 13 new exclusive KAM Snap colors!!! We now have more than 100 great colors to choose from.

We added 3 New bumGenius Colors to our collection:

G95 Dazzle (Vibrant Purple, Warmer/brighter than B41 Violet
G96 Mirror (Blue-Green, Lighter and more Green than G85 Seaspray)
G97 Sassy (Red-Orange, Lighter than B1 Bright Red)

As well as 10 exclusive GotLux Snaps colors:

G98 Squash - a beautiful creamy orange color the exact color of the inside of a summer squash
G99 Lilac - a warm purple that is reminiscent of a beautiful lilac blossom
G100 Marina - a great denim blue with just a hint of purple
G101 Kiwi - a nice medium green
G102 Sky Blue - a great light blue just a shade off of periwinkle
G103 Pink Lemonade - a wonderful warm pink with a hint of purple
G104 Cranberry - a deep berry red
G105 Meadow Green - a light minty green
G106 Coral - a warm peachy pink
G107 Lily Pad - a medium green with slight yellow tint

We hope you love our new colors as much as we do! We are delighted with them and are excited for you to enjoy them too.

See our list in color order at:

See our list in number order at:

See our color chart below to see them in number order; New Colors number G95-G107:

Thank you,
GotLux Snaps

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fun & Colorful Snap Clip Barrettes, Now In Stock!!!

Embellish Your Hair, Embellish Your World!!!

Check out our New Snap Clips:

Blank Barrette Snap Clips w/ Glue Pads (Tear Drop Shape) 50 mm/2 inches (Choose from 14 Colors)

2" Barrette with Glue Pad (8mm), available in Black, Silver, Antique Brass, Purple, Lavender, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Hot Pink, and Light Pink .

These adorable little Barrettes can be used to embellish your hair. Embellish them with Fabric Cover Buttons (also sold by us), bottle caps, or stickers the possibilities are as big as your imagination or just use how they are.

These make for great party favors or gifts. Use your imagination, there are so many possibilities.

There are so many wonderful things you can do with these Snap Clips. If you are looking for small or large quantities, please check our other listings.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Embellish Your Valentine, Embellish Your World!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hope this finds you enjoying the ones you love!

GotLux Snaps